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How Long Do You Have to Pay a Ticket in Arkansas?

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When issued a traffic ticket, you must respond within 15 days or face the risk of further penalties, such as the loss of your license.

If you have been ticketed, you can:

  • Pay the fine, which is an admission of guilt that closes your case
  • Request a mitigation hearing to have your fine reduced (this is also an admission of guilt)
  • Request a hearing to contest the matter

Requesting a mitigation hearing may reduce the fine, grant you a monthly payment plan, or allow you to complete community service in lieu of paying the original fee.

Have you been cited for speeding or another moving or non-moving violation in Arkansas? If so, you face fines, points added to your driving record, potential increases in your auto insurance rate, and, in the case of repeat violations, the loss of your license.

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Requesting a hearing to contest the matter is essentially a plea of not guilty. By doing so, you are fighting the assessment of the fine, demerit driving points, a possible license suspension, and a spike in your car insurance. If you wish to contest your charges, we can request the hearing for you, ask for all of the evidence about your case, appear in court on your behalf, and negotiate for a positive outcome.

To fight back, you will need the services of a competent criminal defense attorney. By hiring our experienced Bentonville traffic violation defense attorney, you will have the benefit of a strong advocate who can represent you in court and negotiate with the prosecutor for reduced or dismissed charges. At Jonathan D. Nelson, Attorney at Law, we have a strong track record of results and extensive experience fighting traffic violations.

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